With more than 15 years of investing together, Grove Street’s partners provide industry-leading depth and focus with a committed 36 person team of seasoned professionals.


IMG_0986_smallWe are a fiduciary to the separate account programs we manage for our clients. The premise of our business is to add value in those areas of private equity that are inefficient or difficult for our clients to manage directly. To address the specific investment needs of each client, we develop a truly customized model portfolio for each mandate in collaboration with our clients and implement it while maintaining full transparency about the pipeline and potential investment choices. Our interests are aligned and performance based.  Client Benefits »

Fund Managers

IMG_1475Our objective is to establish long-term value-added relationships with our fund managers. We conduct a Partner driven screening and strive to give quick, clear and constructive feedback to all teams and only perform in-depth due diligence on investments likely to be completed. We work with experienced managers of established teams as well as new/emerging groups.  Once we have invested, we seek to be a stable, reliable partner and are very experienced in supporting our managers on their advisory boards.  Investment Criteria »