A public pension fund entering venture and lower mid-market buyouts partnered with GroveStreet in an evolving relationship

GroveStreet’s Solution:

  • We built access over multiple cycles to established and emerging venture managers.
  • We also built a portfolio of lower mid-market buyout managers with a focus on teams raising less than $1 billion.
  • We offered training and support to the in-house team as it expanded from a one-person PE team to a full-scale staff.
  • As the staff grew, GroveStreet assisted with the transition of both VC and buyout relationships to the investor.
  • The investor is now up-to-speed and managing its own successful LMM buyout and venture commitments with continued monitoring and active portfolio management by GroveStreet on existing commitments.
  • Since 2004, GroveStreet has been entrusted with over $950 million.