A private investment group selected GroveStreet to replace in-house systems and an external consultant

GroveStreet’s Solution:

  • GroveStreet took on the management of a well-established legacy portfolio including uploading 15 years of detailed cash flows.
  • We developed a unique subscription and reporting structure for two pools, each with over a dozen underlying trusts, enabling each pool to have different charters and underlying trusts to transfer assets as needed among one another.
  • We built properly diversified programs spanning the US, Europe, and Asia, adjusting pace frequently at the investor’s request.
  • We provide short- and long-range NAV and cash flow forecasts.
  • We managed a secondary sales process for a portion of the legacy assets with a bottoms-up, probability-based forecast and transactions with three separate buyers.
  • Since 2004, GroveStreet has been entrusted with over $390 million.