About Us

GroveStreet has been entrusted with over $10 billion of commitments by 14 investors from across the globe through 46 separate accounts since inception of the firm in 1998. We are a reliable, informed and results-oriented partner to our investors and to the teams with whom we invest.

Investor Philosophy

Most large institutional investors recognize the benefits of lower mid-market buyouts and venture capital, yet the skills, agility and capacity required to access, evaluate and monitor the best of these highly oversubscribed teams can create implementation challenges. We built GroveStreet to execute an investment strategy in close alignment with our investors as an extension of their own staff in these challenging segments of private equity.

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Investment Philosophy

Building successful private equity portfolios in turbulent markets requires partners that focus on creation of fundamental enterprise value. We apply a disciplined approach to diversification, balancing risk across strategies, sectors, time and geographies while never compromising on manager quality. We do not market time but do take educated, contrarian positions as a result of our focus on strategies that create sustainable earnings across cycles.

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Our History

World Event
Pioneering Ideas

Google founded

GroveStreet created to provide pioneering customized separate accounts


Jack Ma starts Alibaba

GroveStreet leads industry in willingness to back first-time buyout and venture teams

GroveStreet builds its first customized separate account for a major US public pension

GroveStreet’s first exposure to Chinese venture


Telecommunications industry melts down and giants like Forstmann Little fall


Mark Zuckerberg enrolls at Harvard


Human genome mapping is complete

GroveStreet builds customized separate account for its first European investor


The Rise of the Mega Buyout

GroveStreet implements lower mid-market buyout strategy: steady returns across market cycles through focus on creation of fundamental enterprise value

GroveStreet builds customized separate account for its first family office investor

GroveStreet builds customized separate account for its first Asian investor


AWS launched

GroveStreet remains steadfast in venture as other institutional investors depart


Blackstone IPO

Launch of iPhone, Hadoop and GitHub – the technology foundations for mobile, cloud, big data and open source are in place

GroveStreet adheres to biotech strategy as many institutional investors depart


Quantitative easing creates wall of liquidity

Satoshi Nakamoto launches Bitcoin

Dr. Josh Lerner, Professor at Harvard Business School, becomes a senior advisor to GroveStreet.


30th customized portfolio for 12th investor


“Unicorn” coined for the many privately held tech companies valued at $1B+


Buyout prices reach all time high

Apollo raises largest buyout fund ever ($23.5B)

Softbank Vision Fund closes at $93B

Forbes asks if small buyout funds are dead.


GroveStreet celebrates its 20th anniversary

GroveStreet commits to its first blockchain fund

GroveStreet proves the test of time: full customization and alignment, high service to limited number of investors at scale, willingness to back new managers, exposure to life sciences, operationally oriented buyouts.


GroveStreet launches biotech separate account with customized financial and societal measures.


GroveStreet has its best year ever for distributions to investors.


The US Federal Reserve begins raising interest rates to tame inflation, bringing an end to the era of free money. Public and private markets adjust.

OpenAI releases ChatGPT and gains more than 100 million users to become the fastest-growing consumer application in history.